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Dear West Bend
Today the City reached the tragic milestone of the 1000^th death due to Covid-19. I am sending my deepest condolences to the friends and families for their loss. In this time I urge you to continue practising physical distance, wearing masks and staying within the social circle of no more than 10 people. Provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act orders and the City bylaw on physical distancing remain in effect to further slowdown the rate of spread and ensure that we stay safe.
Motion on Police Budget
Over the past few weeks, many of you have called, emailed and messaged me regarding a motion expected at the June City Council meeting which includes moving 10% of the police budget to investment to “enhance resiliency in marginalized communities,” including community-led alternatives to policing, programs to help at-risk youth and affordable housing, as well as anti-racism education.
As Councillors Matlow and Wong-Tam have stated, the wording of the motion remains in progress. Conversations continue. The motion is not restricted to the request for a 10% reduction. I will be supporting motions that focus on alternatives to policing, ending use of deadly force, and accountability.
Please see my previous comments on this important matter here (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=727c0bc4c8&e=382fa4aa2e) and here (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=536ed82424&e=382fa4aa2e) .
Spring/Summer Newsletter
Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing an updated version of our spring/summer newsletter. Last week we featured “Our Parks & Community Centres”. (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=fd3c320bb4&e=382fa4aa2e) This week we are sharing our segment on “Transportation (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=1e8d9ee542&e=382fa4aa2e) “.
For any questions or to share your comments regarding Ward 4 or City-related matters, please email me at councillor_perks@toronto.ca .
Daily updates by the City is also available at toronto.ca/covid-19 (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=60d4ca3286&e=382fa4aa2e) .
============================================================ ** () Events and News – June 18, 2020 edition:
Spring/Summer Newsletter: Transportation Published on Jun 18, 2020 05:10 pm Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) The ASE program uses a camera and a speed measurement device to detect and capture images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit. 50 ASE systems will be installed across the city with two systems per ward, on a rotating basis. Locations are selected through a data-driven approach […] ** Read in browser » (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=d96e5709fc&e=382fa4aa2e)

TTC COVID-19 Update – Mandatory Masks starting July 2 Published on Jun 18, 2020 04:44 pm Effective July 2, masks or face coverings are mandatory when travelling on the TTC, with the exception of: Children under two years of age. Persons with an underlying medical condition which inhibits the ability to wear a mask or face covering. Persons who are unable to place or remove a mask or face covering without […] ** Read in browser » (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=952be6544b&e=382fa4aa2e)

Daily Migration Virtual Art Workshops: Call for Participation – Apply by June 19. Published on Jun 18, 2020 10:09 am The STEPS Initiative is a Canadian-based public art organization that develops one-of-a-kind art initiatives and engagement strategies that transform public spaces. Daily Migration is a community-engaged arts project offering creative engagement and social connection through a series of virtual art workshops that will lead to an exhibition and inform the production of a mural in […] ** Read in browser » (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=3df9ae8ef4&e=382fa4aa2e)

City’s Update on Farmer’s Markets Published on Jun 13, 2020 05:21 pm City of Toronto is working with market organizers to safely reopen farmers’ markets usually located on 22 City sites. Farmers’ markets are valued members of the food supply chain and provide Torontonians with access to fresh fruits and vegetables, encourage residents to get outside and be physically active, and support the local agriculture sector. The […] ** Read in browser » (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=48129090a6&e=382fa4aa2e)

City of Toronto working to safely reopen licensed child care centres Published on Jun 12, 2020 05:19 pm City of Toronto is beginning a phased approach to reopening City-run licensed child care centres starting Monday, June 29 with the enhanced health and safety measures laid out by the Province of Ontario to keep children, their families and child care centre workers safe. On June 9, the province made the announcement that child care […] ** Read in browser » (gordperks.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e13b1252c0c649074bca5b6e4&id=05cf32506c&e=382fa4aa2e)

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