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Why join the West Bend Bend Community Association?

You can make a difference in our neighbourhood and make your voice be heard.  There is strength in numbers. Only members in good standing can vote on important issues at our members’ meeting.  The more members we have, the more we can influence elected representatives to listen to and represent our concerns.

What does the Association do with your $10 membership fee?

We use your membership fees mainly for operating costs like printing, paying the School Board to use the teachers lounge for meetings and community projects.  

How much does it cost?

Only $10 per year per person. The membership year coincides with the school year – September to August. Renew every September.

How can I become a member?

Complete the Membership Registration Form  West Bend Membership form.Completed forms may be handed in at a meeting or delivered to The Secretary,  33 Kenneth Ave Toronto ON M6P 1J1.

About The West Bend Community Association (TWBCA)

The West Bend Community Association works to foster a sense of community and to promote a happy, safe and healthy living environment. TWBCA is dedicated to improving the community within our area and the city of Toronto through the active participation of TWBCA members in Neighbourhood Projects and the life of the city.

The Association supports the City of Toronto’s official plan, identifies its own projects and seeks to co-ordinate its efforts with its Municipal Councillor. It is part of Ward 14 which is grouped with several other wards in the Toronto – East York Community Council.

TWBCA has been functioning for approximately 25 years, formerly under the name of the Dundas West Residents Association. It is recognized by the City of Toronto as a community organization and receives public notices of City initiatives affecting the area. For more information, Email  or leave a message at 647-478-8457.

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