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2376 dundas OMB Decision


A developer wants to build an oversized condo north of Bloor on Dundas.  Just a few years ago the City worked with community members to define a vision and plan for sustainable growth of our neighbourhood.  This was accepted into the City’s Official Plan and zoning bylaws were passed to support it.

Our zoning bylaws are being threatened by developer that wants to erect a 23 storey tower on the property. That’s 16 storeys higher than what all stakeholders in our community determined was appropriate.

Tall towers are a poor way to manage growth around our stable residential community.  Towers block the sky and introduce privacy concerns.  They create hostile conditions at the street.  They are not appropriate for this neighbourhood. It is absolutely not beneficial for us to ‘transition’ building heights from the Crossways.  That building is well recognized as a mistake we should not repeat.

The Visioning and Avenue Studies describe the site as no more than a 7-8 storey building with mixed residential and commercial tenants.  Residential floor space should not be more than triple the total land space.  The developer’s desire to exceed the recommended density will put excessive strain on our neighbourhood.

The community needs to support the Official Plan and protect our neighbourhood from developer cash grabs.  The outcome of this OMB challenge sets a precedent along Bloor and down Dundas including the Loblaws site.

The Community has identified core concerns about the proposal

1. Protection of the Official Plan and the Avenue Study
2. The precedent this sets for other nearby properties including the Fresco site and the Loblaws plaza
3. Preserving the character of the neighbourhood (shadowing, privacy concerns, skyview etc…)

What Can I do to help?

Stay informed, and engage with your neighbours!  These are our communities at stake, and bad things happen when we “just don’t know”.

“OMB Pre-hearing  April 4, 2013  – 655 Bay Street

Anyone interested in the issues related to this OMB application have the right to attend this Pre-Hearing in order to request “Participant” status at the OMB Hearing itself. A number of your neighbours will be attending and invite your participation in our group. A group of significant size, respectful and orderly to the process, will have an impact on whether or not the OMB decides to grant Participant status to us as individuals or as a group. We have been advised that this will not be a very exciting meeting, but it is an important one to establish our presence and the need for the OMB to take our request to be heard seriously.

 Please read carefully and understand the purpose and protocol of the Pre-Hearing.

  • The pre-hearing is an opportunity to request Participant status only. It is not a forum for the presentation of your specific concerns. That takes place at the OMB hearing itself.
  • You will be asked to sign in.
  • At a point in the proceedings, the Board will ask if anyone wishes to request Participant status. Raise your hand if you do. Follow the protocol, answer questions as they are asked.
  • It is the OMB Members will decide who, if anyone, to grant Participant status and it is common practice for them to request that concerned residents group together and appoint spokespersons to present on their behalf. As you can see, from the information above, we have already formulated a list of the primary concerns expressed at our meetings. We are currently anticipating making a request for three representatives to speak to those issues.
  • If you wish to attend, we would be happy to have your contact information. Please contact us by email at:
  • We will be meeting at 9.45am outside the hearing room, and plan on entering as a group.

If you cannot make it to the pre-hearing you can still have your voice heard!  Many members of the community will be attending to obtain participant status, and can raise your concerns on your behalf.

OMB Exhibits

2376 Dundas – Shadow Study (Sept 2013)
M. Sterling Reply Witness Statement

P. Di Mascio Reply Witness Statement
4. P. Monat Witness Statement & Attachments
2. M. Sterling Witness Statement & Attachments
Letter from N. J. Pepino, August 23, 2013
3. K. Nystrom Witness Statement & Attachments
1. P. Di Mascio Witness Statement & Attachments


2376 Dundas _PPUDO_TIPS_Figures
2376 Dundas – SPA Resubmission Cover Letter_August
2376 Dundas – SPL3 PLANT-INTERIM A0
2376 Dundas – SPL4 DETAILS SPL-4
2376 Dundas_SPA_2013-08-15
2376 Dundas- SPL1 PLAN SPL-1



Flyer to distribute
Neighbourhood Flyer

Letter from Councillor Gord Perk’s office

The Bloor Dundas Avenue Study

What happened last time at the OMB (The Giraffe):
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