April 2012 Minutes

The West Bend Community Association

Minutes from April 18, 2012

IndianRoadCrescentPublic School

 Chair: Tim Noronha     Minutes: Des McComish

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Tim, Des, Stuart, Joel, Joey, Johanne, Shannon, Chloe, Aaron, Janice, Jacob,

  1.     Presentation by Sherri Rousell, Director of the Keele Correctional Centre at Keele and Annette


  • The all-male Centre has 40 beds with no plans to increase that number. It is one of three such facilities in Ontario – the others are in Kingston & Hamilton. There are also other halfway house facilities run by organizations such as the Salvation Army and St. Leonard’s.
  • There will be no more than ten sex offenders at KCC at a time. They are very closely monitored and their movements restricted as to where they can go e.g. playgrounds are off-limits.
  • KCC staff has little or no choice/discretion in the prisoners sent there.
  • Public safety is the prime concern; KCC operates in close liaison with 11 Division. Parolees earn privileges gradually and can have them retracted.
  • The KCC offers on-site counseling and other support services to help released offenders successfully re-enter the community. The more structure & support offered, the greater the rehabilitation success
  • Canada has statutory release after two-thirds of a sentence has been served. Offenders can earn parole earlier than the two thirds point but more are coming out of prison now at the two thirds mark, perhaps because they didn’t qualify for or apply for early parole.
  • The Post Office is slowly moving out of the Keele-Annette building and some more Corrections administrative functions may move in but there is no increase planned in the numbers of offenders sent there.
  • An offender’s first 3 months at the Centre are critical to his successful re-integration.
  • There is a CAC or Citizens Advisory Committee that has 3 local members; the CAC provides feedback to the Centre and also advocates on its behalf.
  • 11 Division also runs a CPLC or Community Policing Liaison Committee and residents are encouraged to join
  • The KCC accepts/needs donations of good quality men’s clothing, books, CD’s, sporting equipment.
  • It is difficult for the KCC parolees to obtain employment so if anyone or a local business can assist that would be appreciated. TWBCA could advise KCC of possible volunteer opportunities in the community.

 2.     Approval of March Minutes

 Joey moved to approve the Minutes, seconded by Jacob

 3.     Membership and recruitment

 The redesigned membership application form is now embedded on the website.

  • Joey has drafted a flyer to promote the WBCA and will polish it up shortly.        
  • It would help drive membership if the WBCA could present to an upcoming Indian Rd Cr. Public School PTA Parent Teacher Association meeting.
  • Wanda Street party will be held Saturday June 9th so we should set up a table to promote the WBCA to attendees and attract new members; volunteers will be needed to man the table.
  • Consider printing 500 TWBCA business cards and flyers to hand out at the street party and other events.


  1. 4.     TWBCA website

 We have updated the website and set up a WordPress working group with the goal of further improving and continually updating the website so that it remains fresh and relevant. Joel Citulski will co-ordinate its efforts and organize a group meeting.

 5.     Annual General Meeting

 In March Joey made a motion that we hold our annual general meeting, election of officers etc in October and the motion duly passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm:  Moved: Joel   Seconded: Joey

Minutes from November 16, 2011

The West Bend Community Association

Minutes from November 16, 2011

IndianRoadCrescentPublic School


Chair: Tim Noronha     Minutes: Des McComish

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

In Attendance: Tim, Des, Joel, Stuart, Joe, Johanne, Mary, Ron.



  1. Approval of October Minutes


Joe Da Costa moved to approve, seconded by Johanne


  1. Discussion of items to raise with Councillor Gord Perks at February 2012 meeting


Joe brought up the topic of recycling under the new scenario of contracted out garbage collection in our area and wondered if separation of recyclables and garbage will continue; expressed concern that there is no provision for overflow items with the new contract.


Mary pointed to increased traffic on Keele St and St Clair, fears it will worsen when the new Smart Centre opens in 2013. We should ask the three municipal councillors if a traffic study has been done for the Keele St – St Clair intersection.

Joe suggested we look at all the local streets and ask what we can do as a community to look at traffic – from the viewpoints of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists. Made reference to uncollected tree leaves causing a hazard on bike paths; wondered if radio waves emitted by water meter transponders could pose a health hazard.


Joe noted that the Baird park dogs off leash area continues to cause friction between some residents and some dog owners – apparently 11 Division officers stated that its taking up a lot of their time in responding to calls there.


Tim raised the issue of the possible sale of City owned municipal assets and wondered if it might be a short sighted solution to City’s budget deficit; cuts to librairies pending.


We need to update our own membership application form and embed it in the new website


  1. Membership and recruitment


We redesigned the membership application form and should embed it on the new website.


Joe suggested that the WBCA sponsor a hot chocolate afternoon or evening this winter at Baird Park when the skating rink is operating and raise awareness of TWBCA. Johanne will ask Tim Hortons to consider providing the beverages.


  1. Other Business


Johanne advised that the City, not the TTC, owns the strip of land along Edna St adjoining the TTC – this in reference to the recent guerilla gardening efforts there to which TWBCA would like to contribute.


Frank Cunningham (from the Annex residents association) will present to our January TWBCA meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm


Moved: Joel            Seconded: Stuart