Minutes from September 21, 2011

The West Bend Community Association

Minutes from September 21, 2011

IndianRoadCrescentPublic School



Chair: Tim Noronha     Minutes: Des McComish


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.


In Attendance: Mary Jo, Logan, Joe Costa, Tim, Des, Brad Hanna, Jeff Stanford, Johanne, Jim Chisholm, Mara



  1. Approval of June Minutes


Jim Chisholm moved to approve, seconded by Joe Costa



  1. Strategic Planning


The main focus of the September 2011 meeting was strategic planning, organizational structure and the revitalization of the West Bend Community Association (following on from our June meeting). The discussion was led by Tim.


Jim proposed that Tim Noronha be our chairman, Joe seconded and all were in favour.


It was decided that the membership period, covered by the $10 annual membership fee, will run from September to August – the school year.


2.1  Outreach

Joe advised that he sits on the Indian Rd Crescent public school parent-teacher committee and has raised awareness there of TWBCA; given the number of residents with elementary school age children we would like to have a representative from the parent-teacher committee attend our meetings and take a seat on the steering committee.


Mary Jo will contact a local realtor to see if we can obtain info on new residents who have recently moved into our area.


2.2  Update of mandate


It was decided we should all review the mandate currently shown on website. i.e.

“The West Bend Community Association works to foster a sense of community and to promote a happy, safe and healthy living environment. TWBCA is dedicated to improving the community within our area and the city of Toronto through active participation of TWBCA members in Neighbourhood Projects and the life of the city.

The Association supports the City of Toronto’s official plan, identifies its own projects and seeks to co-ordinate its efforts with its Municipal Councillor.”

2.3  Update of website


We again discussed using WordPress to revamp the existing website and also preparing a flyer (similar to that of the JRA) to advertise TWBCA. Joe and Logan undertook to take on this project.

Our email list is functioning well.




  1. Discussion of TWBCA’s stand on local issues affecting the West Bend


We discussed just what role TWBCA should play locally with respect to whether and/or when we take stands on particular issues e.g. proposed building developments. Do we simply provide a forum for discussion and act as a facilitator or do we take a strong stand for or against an issue of local concern – such as the defeated Giraffe condominium building proposal.


  1. Other Business


Joe discussed “greening” our area, traffic and cycling issues; it seems the City is re-examing the bike lanes implemented on Dupont St. with a view to their removal.


Mary Jo advocated that we keep the West Bend a mixed development area, open to all income groups. Mary Jo will try to arrange that Frank Cunningham (from the Annex residents association) present to an upcoming TWBCA meeting.


When do we schedule a TWBCA meeting date with Gord Perks?


The developer of the former McBride’s Cycle site at 2803 Dundas St W wishes to meet with the community.


Mary Jo raised the subject of a project to commemorate the enormous contribution of the recently deceased Hilary Bell to our local community.


Johanne noted that some neighbours (inspired by our new Dorval garden) have been guerilla gardening, in a good way, along the south side of Edna Ave, west of Dorval abutting the TTC wall. Johanne will contact them to see if there is a role for TWBCA to play in enhancing that green space.



  1. Treasurer’s report – an update will be provided at the October meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm


Moved: Des            Seconded: Johanne