Minutes October 19, 2011

The West Bend Community Association

Minutes from October 19, 2011

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Chair: Tim Noronha     Minutes: Des McComish


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m. This was an abbreviated meeting due to our attendance at the pre-application meeting in the gym re the 2803 Dundas St W development.


In Attendance:

Special Guest: Martin Lennox, Chair of the Junction Residents Association


  1. Approval of September Minutes


Maurice Richter moved to approve, seconded by Jim Chisholm


2.1  Outreach to new residents/possible new members


Mary Jo contacted a local realtor and has obtained info on new residents who have recently moved into our area.


Martin from the JRA advised that the JRA has a Membership Coordinator who organizes flyer deliveries to selected homes/streets prior to their next meeting; they always get a spike in new members as a result. The JRA’s goal is to have 1% of their catchment area’s population on their email list.


We need to update our own membership application form and embed it in the new website; Martin offered to show us how to add a Paypal link to facilitate online payment.


2.2  Update of website


Tim has made progress on transitioning to the WordPress site and the site is now live; Tim encourages members to try it out. Preparing a flyer (similar to that of the JRA) to advertise TWBCA is still a work-in-progress.


3       Discussion re adding the word “Residents” to our name i.e. to become TWBCRA or The West Bend Community Residents Association


This was proposed by Des who noted that almost all neighbouring associations incorporated the word “Residents” in their name. The JRA chair present noted that his local Councillor at the time asserted that “Community” association was a vague title and that it was best to convey the focus of the organization……..to better enable the Councillor to represent their concerns.


However, after a round table discussion there was no support for any name change at this time.


4       Other Business


Johanne provided an update and a handout on the City’s requirements for any renaming of a park to commemorate Hilary Bell. We decided to defer further discussion until we have heard the wishes of Hilary’s husband in the matter.

Mary Jo has arranged that Frank Cunningham (from the Annex residents association) will present to our January TWBCA meeting.


When do we schedule a TWBCA meeting date with Gord Perks?


Johanne has contacted the guerilla gardeners along the south side of Edna Ave, west of Dorval abutting the TTC wall. We wish to see if there is a role for TWBCA to play in enhancing that green space and would like to bring that project in under our umbrella with the appropriate official permissions from the TTC etc.



5       Treasurer’s report


Tim advised that there is $1,099 in the bank of which only $225 is unmarked or available to TWBCA


The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm


Moved: Tim             Seconded: Johanne