Minutes March 21, 2012

The West Bend Community Association

Minutes from March 21, 2012

IndianRoadCrescentPublic School


Chair: Tim Noronha     Minutes: Des McComish

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Tim, Des, John Suline, Stuart, Joel, Joey, Johanne, Elena, David Coffey, Ike Zimbel, Shannon, Chloe


  1. 1.     Approval of February Minutes

Joey moved to approve, seconded by Johanne.


  1. 2.     Discussion of items with Karen Duffy, Executive Assistant to Councillor Gord Perks.


  • Karen provided an update on the status of two recent development proposals.
  • 2803 Dundas St West – the City has accepted the application on the old McBride’s site and there will be another community meeting, with an expanded “notification to residents” area.
  • 2376 Dundas St West – The application, submitted by Urban Strategies, proposes to redevelop the site for a new mixed-use development containing a 9-storey mid-rise building on Dundas Street West and a 26-storey tower on the eastern portion of the site adjacent the rail corridor.  The City Planning report states that the” application in its current form is not supportable. Of considerable concern to staff is the appropriateness of the proposed tall building. The City will meet with the developer to raise its concerns and hold another community meeting.
  • The traffic study at the new Riocan retail development at St Clair & Keele did not look at the impact on the Keele St – Dundas St intersection.
  • Karen will find out what is happening with the Chairtex building (just north of Shoppers Drugmart on the east side of Dundas St).
  • Baird Park update; at the request of neighbours, the police are holding a meeting with City staff and Animal Control staff to resolve such issues as parking, outside hours use of the off-leash area, barking dogs.
  • We noted to Karen that there is a pedestrian safety issue with vehicles taking short cuts through the former gas station at Dundas and Annette to avoid the traffic lights. Perhaps the site could have barriers erected to prevent this?
  • We discussed the proposed Metrolinx wall and will defer taking a position until after their May 16th presentation to us.


  1. 3.     Membership and recruitment


  • We noted the redesigned membership application form and should embed it on the new website.
  • Joey undertook to work on creating an informational promotion flyer on his Mac.
  • Johanne will flyer the list of new homeowners in our catchment area.


  1. 4.     TWBCA website


We set up a WordPress working group with the goal of updating the website. Joel Citulski will co-ordinate its efforts and organize a group meeting.


  1. 5.     Annual General Meeting


Joey made a motion that we hold our annual general meeting, election of officers etc in October and the motion duly passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm:  Moved: Johanne   Seconded: Tim