1540 Bloor St. (Giraffe Site)

UPDATED: October 19, 2020

Today is the deadline for written participant submissions. As per the instructions in the LPAT notice below, submissions should be emailed to the five statutory parties with email addresses as listed below:

Tribunal Case Coordinator Christopher Molnar at


APPLICANT/APPELLANT Timbertin (Dundas/Bloor) Inc.
C/O: Maggie Bassani and Patricia Foran Aird and Berlis LLP


C/O: Derin Abimbola and Laura Bisset


A development proposal is before the City of Toronto to build a 25 storey tower on the northwest corner of Bloor and Dundas. The proposal is very similar to one rejected by the OMB just over 10 years ago. The people of our neighbourhood played a significant role is seeing that this large and inappropriate proposal was not permitted to threaten safe, diverse and sustainable characteristics of the area in which we live.

We are being called upon to step-up again! Let your neighbours know so they can get involved too!

The developer has taken their proposal to the Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) — the current day equivalent of the OMB. This is your opportunity to be heard! Anybody can register as a participant at the LPAT hearing by submitting a written statement. If you would like to have a say about the proposal, you are encouraged to make your submission by October 19th — 10 days ahead of the pre-hearing scheduled for October 29th.

This page is a work in progress. Please check back often! The appeal process is moving ahead full-speed and things can change quickly.

Some issues of concern your neighbours share about the proposal:

  • Increasing the zoning density and height restrictions is in direct conflict with the outcomes of the Avenue Study we recently completed. The Avenue Study was a City run effort that involved the whole community, planning experts, local institutions and businesses and all stakeholders. It was an open and transparent process that established sensible guidelines for the sustainable development of this area for decades to come, and lead to the zoning regulations currently in place. The developer is seeking to throw it all away.
  • Traffic safety is a significant concern with vehicles entering and exiting between the intersection and Dundas West Subway station. This is already recognized as one of the City’s most dangerous intersections.
  • Traffic infiltration in the neighbourhood will increase. Vehicles can only enter the property approaching from the north and so vehicles are expected to use local streets including Dorval, Glenlake, and Humberside to ‘loop around’
  • Insufficient parking within the building based on the assumption that future residents will rely only on public transit. Of the too few spaces, twenty are reserved for the retail. Most residents will be forced to use on-street parking for their vehicles
  • Lack of housing diversity in the proposed building. Our neighbourhood is strong and stable as a result of our variety of housing available. Few parts of ths City provide options for individuals to progress through various rental accomodations in various stages of their life and potentially even purchasing a home — all within the same neighbourhood. Residents of the West Bend are often long-term residents with a significant stake in our neighbourhood. This proposal seeks to significantly disrupt the balance in this neighbourhood and that does not need to be the case

You can use this form immediately below to make a submission to the LPAT:

Some residents have already drafted letters to the LPAT and would like to share them with you here. You can use these as inspiration to write your own submission, or use the examples below as a template:

More information about the proposed tower can be found here:

Details about the LPAT meeting and process:

The Bloor Dundas Avenue Study (4 parts — its BIG!):

Summaries of the OMB Hearing in 2010 (prior to final judgement):

Local Critique of the Developer’s Traffic Study:

We are organizing a group locally to get engaged and ensure this critical corner is developed to the benefit of our neighbourhood. Calling on former members of the Friends of Dundas and Bloor (FODAB), anybody who participated in the Avenue Study, and anybody else who has in interest in ensuring a sensible, community engaged approach to building and growing our neighbourhood.

If you are interested in getting more involved, please send an email to: info@thewestbend.ca