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Polling stations are now open across Toronto


There are five voting locations within the West Bend, and over 70 locations in Ward 4.

  • #11 – Heintzman Place – 60 Heintzman St.
  • #13 – Keele St. Christian Church – 97 Annette St. (Staff is available to operate chairlift.)
  • #14 – Indian Road Cres. Public School – 285 Indian Rd. Cres. (No power door operator. Staff is available to open doors)
  • #15 – The Crossways Mall – 2340 Dundas St. W.
  • #18 – Vilnius Manor – 1700 Bloor St. W. (Staff is available to operate elevator.)

For a full list of locations, please visit the the Toronto Elections Site

The full map can be downloaded here(PDF).

About Us

The West Bend Community Association (WBCA) is a volunteer organization made up of West Bend residents and is funded by annual membership dues.

The mandate of the WBCA is to improve the community within our designated boundaries and the City of Toronto through active participation in neighbourhood projects.

The Association seeks participation from residents, local businesses, and any other interested parties that wish to be associated with the West Bend community.

The WBCA has been active for approximately 30 years, formerly under the name of the Dundas West Residents Association. It is recognized by the City of Toronto as a community organization and receives public notices of City initiatives affecting the area. The WBCA exists to:

  • Express and reflect the interests of our local community and interact with all levels of government to ensure that our collective voice is heard.

  • Foster a sense of community and promote a healthy, happy and safe living environment.

The WBCA actively welcomes new members seeking to enrich our community!

You can find our West Bend Community Association Bylaws – 2016 here.

For more information email info@thewestbend.ca.


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